It’s been too long

Wonder what I’m doing here! Sorry folks, IRL’s life is busier than I thought. This blog almost unactivated since almost…a years, I can’t believed it Dx Damn it to real life, college is just like chained me to hell that I ALMOST can’t touched my laptop again x(

Simply, in sunday like these, maybe I will drop few words or something so this place can’t go-dead-anymore. I wonder where my two fellas goes as well. Maybe life keeping them busy too(especially Siggy who has been promoted and he gets more job and usually coming home late).

Dear Guests, I already entering college for about two month or so! I’m taking Art Major so I’m drawing everyday XD and that doesn’t mean I always free. In fact, this major really keeps me busy with paper works and tons of homeworks (which suddenly push me to crazy-level-working that I haven’t done before). Plus, I’m applying some organization which make me pretty far from not-being-busy. Let’s see…I think I’m already applying for three organization. How in the hell I supposed to enjoy my free time?

I think that’s it dear guests. I hope you can drop a comment so this place won’t be silence like a Graveyard~

See you later everyone~

Dear, P.B


comicket 79 coming up!












comicket 79 catalog

taken from http://www.moeyo.com/2010/11/comike79_catalog.html

■ イベント名:「コミックマーケット 79」
■ 場所:有明・東京国際展示場 (東京ビッグサイト/有明臨海副都心)
■ 開催日:2010年12月29日~31日
■ 商品名:「コミックマーケット 79 カタログ」
ショップリンクへ »
■ 価格:税込2,400円

“…..now that’s some price up there @.@”

hahaha…well, image up head is one of comicket 79’s article/catalog. as far i know, comicket always drain a huge of money from me(dun know about others) coz i like to brought some ero doujin /slammed.png posters, fanbooks, etc. other hands, comicket always been a money tree for me as well!

just like comicket 78, penumbra will open a shop again at comicket 79! this winter is different from before which us featuring vocaloids fanbooks, stickers, pins,etc. but at this winter, we will sell TOUHOU STUFF! O(≧∇≦)O  im already drawing some touhou high quality pics for posters to sells in there! i will post some of images later (・∀・) maybe lia already preparing her stuff like fanbooks covers while other members prepare some stuff for our stand. im thinking to name our stand ‘kourindou’. whaddya think? ^^


my first blogging in english:D

i believe that u guys already know me! /slapped.jpeg
my first post here wouldn’t be too long like other and i believe u guys will suprised that my avatar is longer than my post XD
first, i will let u know that im very very veary bad at english lulz coz in our country they didnt teach us english since little. buuut still i can understand enough what u guys said!XD

i will mostly review about my progress of touhou gaming and my activities on irl. i admit that im is a nerd on touhou XD
i use marisa in here coz im really love her soooo much!<33 u can’t stop me for loving and obsess with her!<3 it will be rare for me if  post my review about other game except touhou coz i dun play too much game. only game i love and i heard from my friends good i will post the review here

move to my next post i dun like to stay in one post too long :/

Some kind of…what?

Yes,yes,this is introduction from me that you have been looking for.Hello everyone, my name is Hans (for short) but usually called Sieghart. I am 23 years old and you can’t say I’m old man yet.I’m the type of person who don’t like to speak too much with strangers.No more to say,I’m bad at english as well even though I already living in here.So then, this is my short introduction so far, you can see about me later on my profile.

This is my second time making blog.First one was deactivated because of private reasons,you don’t need to know it for sure.I’m joining this blog because of Lia’s wish and myself is currently pretty much interested in touhou.I’ll post my reviews later in here but don’t expect too much from the language.Maybe I’ll use indonesian as well.

Why I choose Sanae as my potraits? Answer is very easy because two of my friend already taken Marisa and Reimu.Other reason is that  I’m a fan of Sanae since a long time ago.To be honest,I’m fall in love with her at the first time I saw her(different when I saw Reimu, Marisa and other characters) I pre-order some figurines of hers.And before I bid a goodbye,all the sprites used in here is cropped by me but credited to ZUN,Alphes,and others who already posted it on sprite resources.

So long friend

Newly ~ Invitation to the Nerds!

Hehehe, finally after soooo loong (I think it’s almost a year!) I’m trying to be more active at here! The Newly theme, everything makes me feels so refreshed! Feels so nice! xD Maybe I’ll post some scanlation of yaoi manga–*shot* Kidding aside, since I’m currently in break for a week, I’ll post more and more before I back to my usual activities again ^^; Today, I’m reporting that I’ve been changing the theme that perfect for my blog! I’ve been invite some of my friends to write/posting blog in here! Now, I’m not lonely anymore <33 Even though those two is busy but they said they will keep their best in here!

I think we’ll mainly posting about our rants about TOUHOUS, which is our current obsession right now. The game seems brings a new air in us that makes me become so addicting, which is the name of our blog! As the title said, I invite some nerds in here 😛 because of that, you guys should bear with our mixed, not-well, stressed english and our randomness xD That’s it for now, hope you guys can enjoy our craziness here xDD

Hi there again, have been busy lately that I can’t keep up with this blog’s post xD Sorry sorry, feel free to throw me a brick if you want 😀 Now, I’m here just to saying that I’ll face Finals Exams at May 27th ~ June 04th when the re-made for the peoples who fails on their test at June 5th ~ June 7th. I’m seriously do not want to do any re-makes on my tests, too lazy for studying and going to school just for one hour re-make =_=

Most likely, during Finals, I won’t be around at my Backloggery, MAL or my Deviantart. I’ll trying my best to focus 100% on my test so I won’t do any of that re-makes >_> My first Finals Exams will be started by Math and History which be followed by Accountant at Friday. Sucks, yea I know. The hell with tests, it’s just giveee mee craaap Dx Now I’m really REALLY wish that I don’t need to do any tests but….School sucks. So I won’t touch my laptop neither any consoles during exams. I’m so proud of being schooler orz.

Nothing much to say but I wish you guys have a good day while I’m not around. When I’m back, I’m totally going to fix’ed all icons on my gallery and some links to my newest wallpapers too. Maybe I’ll put Ange’s expressions on every my posts xD (replacing the Rhyme one lolz)

Wish’d me the best on Exams.


Oh yes, just like the title said I’m updating my blog. As you can see it’s no longer have a member and I’m the only admin/member here. Don’t ask why ‘cuz some stuff already happened and I wish’d not to remember it anymore sooo…d-e-l-e-t-ed~ Like hell I’m care lol! Guess I’m gonna recruit some new members to join my blog so I won’t feel lonely anymore ^_^

Aaa, almost forget xD Done some updating in here. Here’s the progress of updating:
– Changed the theme (Blue~<33)
– No longer use any expressions
– Add some new Icons on My Gallery
– Changing my profile pic

Will do some progressing on the near of April I think ^^ For now, let it stay like now xD